Home Storage Shelving

  • Angle Steel Rack

    Angle Steel Rack

    Angel steel rack
    Product description:
    1) Angel steel rack consists of 2 layers or 4 layers
    2) Design suitable for ergonomic use.
    3) Multi-purpose usage area: lounge, teenager room, office, lounge, kitchen, living room, etc
    Material Used:
    1) Cold rolled steel Q235
    2) high quality branded powder for surface treatment
    3) Angel steel rack has ISO9001 certificate.

    Product Size:
    1) H700*L600*W350mm
    2) H1470*L350*W358mm
    3) H1520*L900*W380mm
    1) The product is delivered in boxed form.
    2) All parts for installation & manual are in the material bag, required for installation.

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  • Angle Home Storage Shelving

    Angle Home Storage Shelving

    Angle Home Storage Shelving
    If your house is in a mess, why not buy some storage shevlings to make the things in order?
    Angle Home Storage Shelving is simple design and with heavy load capacity.
    Different colors are available. You may choose the one you like.
    There are many sizes for your choice.
    Storage shelving makes your house clean and beautiful.

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